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Skeeter Questions

This is a discussion on Skeeter Questions within the Skeeter Boats forums, part of the Bass Boat Manufacturer Forums category; If anyone has questions on Skeeters, feel free to ask. I will help in any way I can. Feel free ...

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    Default Skeeter Questions

    If anyone has questions on Skeeters, feel free to ask. I will help in any way I can. Feel free to call, email, IM, or anything.


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    Default SX-166 water in bilge

    Just bought a 2000 SX-166; Yamaha 90. My first bass boat, and I'm new to live well operation. Skeeter's website doesn't have manuals for the older boats, and I'd like to find some info on how to use the live well on the boat. The 2-position switch on the console is labeled "Livewell" and has "Automatic" (up) and "Manual" (down)--which I assume is for the aerator.

    There is a 3-position lever below and behind the accelerator/gear stick that's labeled "recirculate" (left); "empty" (center); and "auto" (right). This lever operates a cable that I think is attached to some kind of valve connected to the livewell pump in the bilge area (between the gas tank and the transom). The lever will not go in the "auto" position---and I suspect the cable assembly has gotten out of whack--alignment, so that it's only able to move to two of the positions--and those probably not what the label says they are.

    Just bought the boat the day before, and was checking it over again at home the next day and noticed 2 or 3 inches of water in the bilge. I drained some of this in the driveway and the rest on the ramp before launching the boat for a half-hour orientation run. (Was entirely my fault, but I didn't get to test the boat on the water prior to buying---but did do a 'flusher/'rabbit ears' test and engine seemed fine.)

    During the run, I was messing with the Yamaha (starts and runs great) and the MotorGuide up front---and didn't pay any attention to the livewells or bilge pump or controls. When I got the boat back on the trailer at the ramp, I decided to open the drain plug again and was surprised to see about a quart or so of clear water pouring out of the bilge.

    Now I gotta figure out how the water's gettin in. Drain plug, bilge pump, live well pump (there's definitely no hole anywhere in the hull)---or possibly the way that cable lever is set (messed up).

    But first, need to know how the whole live well thing is supposed to work---the switches, the lever, etc. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    OK here goes it.

    The switch on the dash- AUTO will run the pumps intermitantly, Manual will run the pumps constantly.

    The switch by the shifter- Recirculate: Same water will be circulated, Auto: Fresh water will be brought in from the lake, Empty: will allow the well to drain, this may take a while when the boat is in the water. This valve is operated by a cable, most likely need to adjust the cable at the valve in the bilge.

    The water in you bilge could have come from several things. You may have a leaking hose or fitting in your livewll plumbling. When coming off of plane or backing up in rough water you may have taken a little water over the transom. I have also found that if your drain plug is cross threaded or not screwed in tight, it will leak a surprising amount of water.

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    Default Found the leak

    Sorry so long to respond, but I found the small leak. It was around one of the thru-hull fittings in the transom (a live-well in/outtake). I opted for a quick fix, since the leak was so small--sparingly applied some 3M sealant/caulk to both inside and outside of the fitting. Now dry as a bone in the bilge all day.

    I may have created a little more of a job for myself or someone else down the road, if the need ever arises to completely remove and replace the fitting. I didn't trust the use of marine silicone caulk alone.

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